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Just Survive Test Update - 2/13

Just Survive
Veröffentlicht am 14.02.2018, 15:39 von ZeR0 C00L

We are looking into the salvaging issue. It appears that instead of salvaging guns at the weapon workbench, you need to salvage everything at the weapon workbench. We have a fix in progress This has been resolved. Note: Guns need to be salvaged near a weapon workbench, like the tooltip indicates

Hello Survivors!

Just Survive Test is available to patch and play. There was no wipe performed.

This update includes major changes to the weapon and armor tiers. This system has been a very polarizing feature, with PVP players equally split between love it / hate it.

Our goal with these changes is to retain a reward for players who prepare and put effort into gearing up before engaging other players, but to reduce the feeling that your opponent lucked into their gear. We also wanted to reduce the number of tiers of armor available to make engaging with an armored player feel more consistent.

The last major complaint that players have raised is the fall damage changes leading to players colliding with things while sprinting and falling down. We'll have improvements for that coming in a test update currently scheduled for 2/15.

This update includes the following changes:

  • Removed Weapon Cleaning Kit
  • Removed lower gun tiers
  • Only common (green) guns can be found in as loot
  • Players can now salvage Gun Parts from guns
  • Players can now upgrade common (green) guns to uncommon (blue) guns
  • Players can now upgrade uncommon (blue) guns to rare (purple) guns
  • Removed lower armor tiers
  • Reduced effectiveness of body armor compared to previous equivalent tier armor
  • All helmets now prevent the same amount of damage
  • Reduced Container Hit Points
  • Containers are now capped to 20 per foundation
  • Shacks and shack doors now give correct salvage materials
  • Fixed an issue where players could only access permissions on their last-placed foundation
  • Improved placement system for base components
  • Fixed an issue where players could chain punji sticks through the sky
  • Fixed an issue where stone walls would show holes at lower levels of detail
  • Fixed an issue where players could place multiple roofs (to no gameplay effect) in the same location
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were spawning in greater numbers than intended
  • Improved AI performance
  • Interacting with sleeping mats now allows players to both sleep or pick them up
  • Improved NPC navigation on sloped terrain
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Fixed an issue with Craft Max failing to craft the maximum
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes on Z1 and BWC, as well as BWC development outside of the play area.

This also includes the following updates from 2/8

  • Increased ammunition loot spawns in world
  • Increased ammunition crafting parts received when breaking down ammunition
  • Removed nail and screw requirements from the recipes for Doors, Walls, Windowed Walls, Battlement, Parapet, Shutter, Roof (for all wood/metal/stone items)
  • Reworked fall damage calculations to prevent short-distance lethal falls and other inconsistent damage scaling
  • Players now ragdoll when taking significant fall damage
  • Improved deer and wolf movement across flat terrain
  • Players can now sleep regardless of exhaustion level
  • Players who sleep with the "tired", "very tired", or "exhausted" debuff gain a "well rested" buff
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to block assault ramps with punji placement
  • Fixed an issue causing foundation permissions to not display correctly on foundations 2/3/4

This update also includes the following changes from the 2/6 update:

  • Fixed an issue causing parent / children relationship issues between upgraded components and their children in certain conditions
  • Opening the base permissions menu now requires the owner to be holding the Stronghold hammer
  • Closed gaps on Stone, Metal, Wood doors and gates
  • Removed nail cost from metal shacks
  • Fixed an issue causing poor driving down foundation ramps
  • Barbecues no longer drop a non-functional item named "Dropped Items"
  • Assault Ramps can now be crafted - these ramps allow an enemy player to attach a fragile, temporary ramp to your foundation's edge
  • Fixed an issue with BWC loot bags not dropping from vehicles correctly
  • Fixed an issue with BWC loot bags containing starter loot
  • Reverted Headshot changes (.308 headshots always kill through all helmets)
  • Melee attacks should no longer penetrate walls at close range
  • Reduced spawns for exploder, gasser, banshee
  • Increased stamina regeneration signficantly
  • All Superade items now regenerate stamina in addition to their other attribute bonuses
  • Craftable juices now restore stamina
  • Improved zombie pathing through foundations
  • Fixed several crash scenarios
  • Fixed an exploit involving eating food

And the following changes from 2/1:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to die in secured areas when dealing damage to their own containers
  • Fixed an issue that caused crafting to fail the first time when a workbench was required.

And the following changes from 1/30:

  • Reduced the cost of Wood and Metal Construction components
  • Increased hitpoints of Metal Construction components
  • Reduced the cost of Metal Shacks
  • Increased hit points of Metal Shacks
  • Added Stone Construction components
  • The Demolition Hammer has been renamed to "Stronghold Hammer"
  • You can interact with base components to upgrade or paint them when you have the Stronghold Hammer equipped
  • Base Foundation placement detection improved and Base Foundation objects go deeper into the ground - Foundations are now much easier to place and can be placed in many more locations
  • Removed ramps from 3 sides of Base Foundations and made Foundations rotatable during snapping
  • Improved recursive destruction (added re-parenting on loss of parent). This means that you must blow up all supports for a base component before it will be destroyed, rather than just the original component supporting it
  • Storage Containers now drop their loot in a loot bag on death, rather than dropping the items individually (addresses performance issues during raiding)
  • Storage Containers cannot be opened by players who do not have permissions to open them
  • Storage Containers have increased hitpoints
  • Removed Pipebomb
  • Renamed I.E.D. to Ethanol Bomb
  • Adjusted tier rankings of Dynamite, Ethanol Bomb, Dynamite Bundle to match explosive value
  • Increased bulk of dynamite
  • Yeast (an explosive component) is now craftable
  • Players who die in cars now have their loot dropped into the car's inventory
  • Cars that are destroyed now drop their loot in a bag
  • Starter torches cannot be placed
  • Improved armor functionality versus melee weaponry
  • Improved Helmet functionality against low tier .308 Rifles
  • Increased the number of ammunition spawns
  • Reduced Banshee scream radius
  • Reduced Banshee damage to vehicles
  • Reduced Gasser damage
  • Gassers and Exploders now work properly on PVE servers
  • Reduced burning time for players
  • Fixed an issue where players would be in passive stance when exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue that made it diffcult to harvest some crops
  • Fixed several crash scenarios
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed a vehicle exploit
  • Fixed an item exploit
  • Fixed a construction placement bug that allowed certain items to be placed in the same location (to no gameplay benefit - not an exploit)
  • Improved "no clip" cheat protection
  • Removed player-to-player collisions (eliminates "boosting" as well as some other issues and griefing vectors)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter the Quarantine Zone on both maps and sometimes caused players to spawn there
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

This update includes the following known issues (updated 2/13)

  • Stone construction is still missing footsteps / impact / destruction effects
  • Upgrade system does not currently work with construction permissions (it will when this goes Live) - right now only the owner of the base can upgrade
  • Upgrading doors causes them to lose their codes

When reporting an issue, please provide the following (you can copy/paste this as a handy template)

Summary: (brief sentence)

Reproduction Steps: (what did you do to arrive at the bug?)

Expected Outcome: (what do you believe should happen when you do the above?)

Actual Outcome: (what actually happened?)

Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!


Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/r/PlayJustSurvive/comments/7xelt5/just_survive_test_update_213/



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